I have worked with Mr. Bill Isard from PSISJS a little over a year now and I must say that he has done a stellar job getting our school set up and working properly in PowerSchool. Our school consisted of 68 students and although we may be considered a small school by some we have big requirements based on the Department of Education specifications.  Our school acquired PowerSchool however did not use it to the full potential until Bill came to our rescue. During the first meeting Bill willingly drove three and a half hours to meet with the staff and patiently listened to each and every question and concern the department had. We asked him if he could meet the challenges after a lengthy meeting and he simply smiled and said “absolutely’!  Well hold on, I was not quite impressed until he said, “in order   to meet your timeframe and your needs we will need to establish a partnership; we have to work together”. Ok now I was impressed because he was the first contractor willing to take the time to understand our school nuances and what we needed to be successful. Many of the templates that we needed had to be customized because of the varying requirements. Not only did Bill create the templates and reports but trained the staff on how to use them as well as a host of other types of training. I must admit that his patience was very much needed and appreciated. There were times when I needed assistance immediately or could not figure out a problem and Bill was always dedicated to finding a solution within a timely manner. Sometimes the questions may have been early morning or   late evening but he always did the best he could to assist and I appreciate that the most! Almost a year later our school has report cards, secondary transcripts, Performance Education Plans, progress Notes and the list goes on. The best part is that all of these items are now automated! Bill continues to work  with our schools and even our sister schools when needed. Bill is committed to doing whatever  it takes to get the job done including webinars, conference calls, and face to face meetings. I have since recommended Bill’s services to other schools within the community. We are very pleased with Bill’s services and thankful for the opportunity to work with him and his company.

Tier Carter, Silver Oak Academy, MD

We were faced with the difficult task of managing our PowerSchool system once our Super User resigned. Bill helped us navigate unfamiliar territory and basically cleaned up a mess! The personal attention given by Bill is so refreshing. Most of the time he is more knowledgeable than the support staff at Power School! He has even come to our school on 2 separate occasions and gave us one on one support. Personal attention, Calls back within a 24 hour period, most time within the hour, Cares that your data is correct and Extremely patient!

Jacquita Henderson, Fulton Leadership Academy, Fulton, GA.

Anytime I have needed support, they were there. We have not had any down time with our server during critical hours. Not having to work on our own server after hours. It is in their hands. Access to upper tier support. Monitoring the servers and making sure we don’t have any down time. We would most definitely recommend PSISJS. They have been a pleasure to work with and are very knowledgeable.


Cindy Rieboldt, Lake Geneva, WI.

Bringing PISJS on board has enabled my 70+ schools to operate more cohesively. Training and help desk support has empowered the schools by allowing them the ability to manage their data effectively. Their ability to overcome unique challenges. They have reliability, integrity and team attitude. Without a doubt we would recommend them to any School District, Charter, or Dioceses.


Karen Mirror-Drew, Newark-RCAN
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