P2B Prepare to Build-Scheduling

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Walk through the steps of Prepare to Build using PowerScheduler.  Begin with the 5 Part video series that will walk you through how to start the scheduling process.  Get an overview Build vs. Load Only and walk through creating your 2021-2022 scenario via Auto Scheduler Setup. You will learn how to  Set Schedule Year, learn the advantage of and learn how to Copy Master Schedule. We will focus on the Resources needed for a master scheduler: Students, Teachers, Courses and Rooms as well as other schedule features you may want to use to meet your school specific needs.

  • Prepare to Build
    • Part 1: PowerScheduler Overview and Build vs Load
    • Part 2: Years and Terms in PowerSchool
    • Part 3: Auto Scheduler Setup
    • Part 4: Set Schedule Year
    • Part 5:  Copy Master Schedule
    • Departments
    • Rooms
    • Resources:
        • Courses
          • Course Catalog
          • Define Courses
        • Teachers
          • Prepare Teachers for Scheduling
          • Teacher Assignments
          • Teacher Sections
        • Students
          • Prepare Students for Scheduling
          • Student Course Request Overview
            • Create Course Groups-online course requests
            • Enter Course Request for 1 student
            • Mass Add and Mass Delete group of student requests
    • Other PowerSchool Features
      • Prerequisites
      • Teacher Recommendations
      •  Relationships
        • Build
        • Load
      • Constraints
        • Build
        • Load
    • Teams
    • Section Types
    • Pre-Build Reports Built-in and PSCB Custom Reports
    • Build Course Rank
    • Run Build Validation and Common Build Errors