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Professional Development

The PowerSchool® system can be overwhelming for some staff members, especially if they don’t have any prior experience navigating the software. Our training packages will help your faculty and staff quickly become comfortable with PowerSchool®, and with advanced training, they can even become experts. We offer customizable training for Administrative Staff, Office Staff, Registration Staff, IT Team, Teachers and Scheduling.

PowerSchool Hosting

PSISJS offers a range of cost saving, comprehensive Hosting Solution packages designed to help your District save time and money. With the assistance of one of our customizable support plans, your IT Department will be free to handle the important tasks facing your District. Let us do the heavy lifting by hosting your PowerSchool®.

State & Local Standards

In today’s education world, our students’ abilities are assessed on a set of Common Core Standards. The preparations necessary for a District to manage those Standards throughout their student body and faculty are complex. We have the ability to help you overcome the hurdles of designing a system to manage the progress of your students through PowerSchool®. We offer various packages which can be customized for Districts of all sizes, and can assist in training staff to utilize the software. Let us use our experience dealing with the Common Core Standards to help you achieve your goals.


PSISJS offers some of the industry’s best customizable forms and reports, designed to create huge time and cost savings. We encourage our clients to Think Green and go paperless with Online Report Cards, which can save hundreds of dollars in printing costs. We offer a number of other highly adaptive documents, including Rotating Bell Schedules and Students Schedules for Districts. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Contact page.

Design Reports/Letters/Labels/Report Cards

PSISJS will help you create a variety of standard base templates for your Letters, Labels, and Report Cards. We can create documents formatted for Object Reports, and our Letters and Online Report Cards can be made available to the Parents Portal. Best of all, we can help transition your District to an environmentally-friendly paperless format.

Data Solutions

PSISJS has more than 40 years experience working with PowerSchool®; over the years, we’ve worked with dozens of different vendors, and always strive to help schools find the correct solutions. We also help Districts find solutions for various third party apps. Those apps could include Lunch Programs, Transportation, Special Ed or Attendance Alerts, just to mention a few. With our services, School Districts have the ability to move data between different third party software apps. We can help manage your data between all 3rd party applications, as well as in PowerSchool®, and are experienced providing data validation.


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